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MAJ (a.k.a. My Analog Journal) is a YouTube channel that curates vinyl-only mixes on a weekly basis. Every mix focuses on a certain genre, country, or region, era, or simply an idea or a theme.


It all started in late 2017 when Zag Erlat - Istanbul-born, London-based music producer, filmmaker, record collector, DJ and the host of the MAJ Youtube channel - decided to play his Turkish records from the ‘70s, which was the golden era of Turkish psychedelic rock music; after he realised that there aren’t any vinyl sets focusing on this genre, on Youtube. Shortly after, his sets gained some attention and very positive feedback from all around the world.

Zag found his new passion and desire to create more vinyl-only episodes and share the music he loves with the people of the internet, which eventually turned into an online community.

Welcome to My Analog Journal
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